A Consumer Guardian Service run by Consumer Advocates for the benefit of Consumers

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In other words . . . Hanging together, tired of being "hung separately . . ."

Therefore: We are a "Consumer Guardian Service"
A cooperative of consumers ensuring "economic fairness"
(like an insurance policy) for our membership!

Are you sick and tired of corporatists and "banksters" treating you unfairly? Are you sick and tired of being an "abused consumer"? Well, so were we. The People's Credit Bureau™ was created as a membership-based union for “like-minded” people who have realized we must band together to protect and preserve our rights as consumers in the extremely dangerous world of the American credit system.

At The People's Credit Bureau™ the focus is on consumerism!
- Bruce "The Creditmaster"® Danielson, Founder

“Washington doesn’t help . . . !” Not "big" enough to have the government keep you from failing? THEN YOU NEED TO JOIN US, TODAY!

The People's Credit Bureau is a For-Profit Texas corporation owned by its stockholders; the membership is exclusive with all members having voting rights governing how TPCB manages its cash flow and credit-related business. TPCB is also a consumer protection and guardian service, exclusively for its consumer and consumer advocate members who are sick and tired of being abused by the tricks and traps of some modern corpoatists and certain areas of political America. In other words, we are mostly "middle-class folks" of like mind, united for truth and fairness in order to achieve the ultimate goal of comfortably living the "American Dream" as the founding fathers intended and actually fought and died for. Furthermore, we are not tricksters or "banksters" and have no connection, directly or indirectly, to the so-called credit bureaus.

Our United Objective:

To create a significantly large membership as quickly as possible, in order to have an educational as well as voting impact on our elected politicians and a business boycott impact on those corporate abusers. We seek to add strength to our already-strong consumer fight-back legal system and to benefit members regarding cash-flow and credit fairness.

Disclaimer: Any statements made on this website about any competitor, credit counseling company, credit repair company, debt collector and/or debt consolidator are expressions of opinion only. These opinions may or may not be true depending upon each person's definitions and understandings of the terms used therein. The expression of these opinions are meant only for the purpose of helping consumers recognize and appreciate the legality, integrity and legitimacy of "The People's Credit Bureau"™ (Corporation), its' officers and employees.